Wisbech Cambridgeshire quilting factories

We are a long established soft furnishing manufacturer having produced quilted products, curtains, upholstery, blinds and bed linens for most of the leading stores and interior designers in the UK. We have been resident at the factories in Wisbech Cambridgeshire for the past 30 years and before that in London for 12 years.

Fifteen years ago we decided to concentrate on the quilted bedspread side of the trade and have produce bedspreads and accessories by computer controlled machinery ever since.
These products have been made for individuals, most of the leading store groups, interior designers, hotels, yachts€™ and cruise ships.

The other more bespoke side of the business is the hand made outline quilted range of products which appeal to the interior designer in particular; these products are often unique as the stitching areas are different on each print design that is outlined.

Sharon PrestonThe business is run by Sharon Preston and her experienced team who have been together for many years, this teams understanding helps to produce some of the most delightful quilted bedspreads available today. There are many quilted accessories to match the bedspreads which include pillow shams, runners, cushions and reverse pillow flaps and numerous finishes including bolsters, hand bound, double and single frilled and ruche edges.

Inquiries for any style of quilted product will be handled by a very experienced sales team headed by Margaret Traube who will help with fabric quantities, sizing, styling and pricing.